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  • Can my child under the age of 8 years join Victoria Judo Club?
    Unfortunately we do not offer classes for kids under the age of 8 years as of yet. Please feel free to sign up for updates this way we can inform you of any changes.
  • Does The Victoria Judo Club have a women-only class?
    At the moment all our classes are mixed and open to all genders.
  • If I practice Judo, do I have to compete at tournaments?
    Not mandatory but it is highly encouraged to attend tournaments as it is a wonderful way to meet new people in the judo community.
  • Are there additional costs to practice judo?
    Everyone who steps on the mat needs to be registered with Judo BC. Annual costs C$90,- Students will also be required to have an acceptable judogi (uniform). These can be purchased through the club or at any martial arts equipment store. The cost of a beginner’s judogi ranges from C$35,- – C$70,-
  • Are there shower facilities at Victoria Judo Club?
    Unfortunately not. We have a separate washroom and a changing room which can be locked for privacy.
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